New Mindset
Lasting Results
Back to Basics

Achieving lasting body transformation 
doesn't have to feel like a chore. 
You don't need another 'expert', 
you don't need more information, 
a new diet, or exercise gadget.  
What you need is a sustainable change,  
this time with the focus being on YOU.   



If you’re like most people, you're probably tired of diets with tons of rules or drop-everything attempts at weight loss. You’re probably tired of trying fitness and weight loss programs that only seem to work for a little while or you lose interest. And you’re probably tired of working really hard without the lasting results to show for it.

From here on out, you will walk gradually and strategically through a series of daily steps and focused actions - designed for you as an individual. To help you change your everyday behaviors, and eventually, your body and health.

What you eat and how you move isn't the only piece of the puzzle. Breaking down roadblocks and pushing past discomfort is a big key to success – and often the most overlooked. We will work on developing self-compassion, visualizing success, and fully focusing on your goals.

I am here for you, so you can be fully present and there for your loved ones. You do not have to power through this alone! You will have several options to get the support you need both individually and in a community of women just like you.


Lose weight yet feel satisfied while eating foods you love. Build strength, improve balance and flexibility engaging in activities you enjoy.


Programs are fully automated so that you can have the maximum amount of flexibility as you navigate the reality of your busy schedule. 


Expert guidance, motivation, support and accountability are provided daily so that you can keep the results you worked so hard for.

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 I am deeply grateful to Kara Palley for her months of highly skilled work with me as a personal trainer. Following Kara's carefully thought-through, constantly modified, physical regimen, I was able to recover balance and walk with confidence. I regained not only muscle strength but whole-body vigor. I feel very fortunate that she has been my guide to full recovery and good habits for maintaining fitness.

Moria W.