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This blog is for women over 40 who feel Maxed-Out at Midlife. 

Women who want to look and feel younger, leaner and healthier WITHOUT complicated rules, restrictions or crazy workouts.

Women who want to take charge of their health so they can look forward to a future of independence, confidence and satisfaction in their bodies and lives. 

My goal is for you to treat YOURSELF with as much love and care as you treat others, stand straighter, more confident and proud in your clothes, feel stronger and more mobile, truly appreciate everything life has to offer without guilt, AND gain the skills to know exactly what to do to keep your results.

Kara Gordon Palley

The best kept secret for longevity is accessible by virtually anyone. And you don’t have to train like an Olympic body builder or 24/7 gym a ...

Kara Gordon Palley

You can get fit and never do a class that involves multiple rounds of burpees. What Should You Do Instead?

Kara Gordon Palley

You don't need to be an athlete, or train like one to gain the benefits of physical activity, especially when you're just starting out.

Kara Gordon Palley

Over the years many treatments have been identified to manage this debilitating and terrifying condition. But none try to tackle the root ...