Yes, You Can Get Fit Even If You Are An Absolute Beginner!

You can get fit and never do a class that involves multiple rounds of burpees. What Should You Do Instead?

Yes, You Can Get Fit Even If You Are An Absolute Beginner!

I have a good friend who really wants me to go to her crossfit gym with her. I’ve always been intrigued. One day soon, I’ll try it (and blog about it, no doubt!).

But when I told my yoga teacher and my 22 year-old weightlifting fanatic son they both said ‘NO!! DON’T DO IT!’

I’m not going to lie, it looks like great fun!

Although I’m sure there are exceptions, the overall reputation of CrossFit is that you have to throw tires, complete tons of squats, pull-ups and other impossible looking movements in order to get a good workout.

After all my exercise trials and tribulations, and the knowledge I've gained in the process, I know getting fit can be MUCH easier, safer, and energizing.

Ten years ago I would have likely tried something I wasn’t able or ready to do, just because of the excitement and energy of the experience. 

And yes, because of peer pressure too. 

You Know You Need To Start

Others might feel pressured or embarrassed by what they see on social media, or by what their friends are doing. 

I love that more and more people are posting their workouts — and their growing muscles. 

But for people just starting out on their fitness journey, it is just not going to look like that.

And that's OK!

The truth is, you can be healthy and never do a class that involves multiple rounds of burpees. You don't even need to know what a burpee is!

What Exercises Should You Do?

Let's back up and take a look at the official exercise recommendations of the U.S. Government.

The U.S. Government Regulations for physical fitness are a good measure of what it means to be at a reasonable, healthy level of fitness. Here are The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans:

Take That First Step With Confidence!

Remember that EVERYONE was a beginner once! 

Focus on small, sustainable steps instead of creating a massive lifestyle overhaul. 

Focus on slow, steady improvements over time. 

Be proud of yourself for taking action! 

Considering that fewer than 5% of adults meet the minimum requirements, if you're doing something, you're already well on your way!

So, where DO you start? If you’re starting from nothing — meaning, the last time you remember exercising was jumping rope in grade school, I'm going to break it down for you. 

Here are the basic types of movement to include in your fitness plan:

Basic Cardio 

Walking for fitness is a great place to start, but it does involve picking up your normal walking pace.

If you are not used to walking, monitor then ramp up your speed and duration over the course of a couple of weeks.

Your eventual goal: Walking at a pace of 3 to 4 miles an hour.

Basic Strength

No, this isn’t about 'getting ripped' and building big muscles.

It is about having the strength to do all the activities of daily living with ease and without pain. Bonus: the bigger your muscles are, the more fat you burn at rest. 

Using weights, bands, or your own bodyweight, your goal should be to slowly learn the foundational movement patterns described in the graphic below. 

Remember: our bodies were built to do this! 

Basic Mobility

    It is best to add mobility exercises (otherwise known as stretches) to the beginning (warm-up) and end (cool-down) of your cardio and strength routines. But by all means go ahead and take a yoga class - this is my all-time favorite way to get in all 3 - cardio, strength and mobility!

    Now Let's Schedule It In! 

    I've given you a lot of information, but let's not overthink or sink into overwhelm! 

    I've heard it all, believe me:

    • you don’t have time to exercise/go to the gym,
    • it will be too hard
    • you don’t have the money to pay for a gym membership,
    • it’s too far away,
    • you don’t want to buy a treadmill,
    • you can't afford a treadmill,
    • you don’t have room in your house for all that equipment,
    • you don’t have anybody to work out with…
    • you are ‘too fat’ for anyone to see you in workout clothes (yes, I’ve heard that one)
    • you don’t want to ‘become bulky’

    Well, alrighty then.

    Do you have a body? 

    DUH! Of course you do. There's your built-in gym!

    Squats, wall sits, sit-ups and push-ups are great simple exercises to do that don’t require a gym. 

    Think squats or push-ups are too hard? Well, they are — any exercise can be modified to your level, past injuries or other health concerns.

    No Time?

    Aw, I feel for you. Ok then I guess you don’t have to exercise.


    Here are a few ways to get in the minimum recommended amount of cardio: 

    Want to add in the minimum of 2 strength sessions per week? 


    Great. Here are just a few examples of what your schedule might look like: 

    The possibilities are literally endless!

    Remember: if you are a beginner and just getting started, you will be WORKING UP TO THIS!

    Sorry, but no one can tell me they don’t have time to exercise

    As far as the rest of the excuses, here's a handy-dandy excuse-buster for you: 

    Still confused or overwhelmed?

    Book a call with me and let's create a plan to get your health and fitness on track together.

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