How To Build Habits That Last

Posted On Feb 27, 2023 |

Have you ever said: "I wish I had more motivation". What if I told you that anyone can build motivation starting RIGHT NOW using a simple formula?

How to build habits that last

Have you ever said: "I wish I had more motivation" or "I'm just too lazy" or "I wish I had as much willpower as you"?

We all have. 

But what if I were to tell you that anyone can build sustainable habits starting RIGHT NOW using a simple formula? 

James Clear explains what gives you willpower, and lays out a great strategy for building habits that last. 

In short: the more you have automated, the more success you'll have in life. Here are the steps:

1) Pick a habit that's so easy, you don't need motivation or willpower to do it.

It turns out that willpower can get fatigued just like a muscle. When you're tired the brain will find it easier to just say no. So think about your goals, then think ridiculously easy. For example, if you want to cut out processed sugar from your diet, rather than cutting out everything, try eliminating soda. Or maybe your goal is to practice yoga every day, start with 5 minutes rather than 30.

2) Practice it habit consistently every day, then increase it in small increments

1% improvements, when compounded, can add up very quickly. Like interest.

As you rack up successes with small easy habits, motivation and willpower improve which will then make it easier for you to stick to your habits.

3) As the habit builds, break it into manageable chunks as necessary.

Now you know that small increases can build up quickly. Make sure you won't overwhelm yourself by breaking the larger number into smaller pieces. For example, The 5,000 steps/day you started with are now 10,000, but who has time for that all in one go? Maybe you can break it up into 4 outings of 2,500 steps each.

4) Quickly get back on track after a slip-up

YOU WILL HAVE BAD DAYS. Everyone does! We are looking for consistency, not perfection. The important thing is to get right back on track the next day. Missing one day will not have an effect on your overall habit provided you keep the big picture in mind and don't sweat the setbacks. Get right back on that horse!

5) Stick to a sustainable pace

If your new habit feels easy in the beginning you're on the right track! Make sure you pick manageable increases. The key is to keep it at a level you can sustain.


I've saved the most important point for last. It might seem hard to start small and go slowly. But if you're patient you'll have the best chance of success!

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