I Did It, So Can You!

Posted On Apr 17, 2023 |

Learn how a nerdy, introverted, often injured mom and grandma became a fitness professional, AND got fitter and healthier along the way.

I Did It, So Can You!

Good health is so important, we must do everything we can to preserve it. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to and have the best possible chance to enjoy this stage of our lives. 

I know it is hard. But I also know you can do it! 

Because I did and I want the same for you. 

I can help you get unstuck and finally reach your fitness goals by going back to the basics - - of nutrition, movement and mindset. And by prioritizing yourself.

This matters because you may not realize that you have put yourself at a disadvantage before you even start. 

Where we go wrong

I realized very early on in my fitness coaching career that so many women fail to realize: 

  • THEY are their most important loved one.
  • that becoming stronger, leaner and more mobile is TOTALLY possible at this stage of life, either because they have tried and failed, or are just too overwhelmed to even try.
  • how important and powerful mastering the foundations are, and how they can see and feel results without counting a calorie OR throwing a tire
  • having chronic aches and pains is NOT inevitable, so they don't even bother to start an exercise habit
  • it IS possible to improve health risk factors common to women in midlife without resorting to quick-fix solutions that can be costly, too restrictive, too strenuous, and therefore too hard to maintain.
  • feel guilty, constantly, about one thing or another. Or everything.

                    At little bit about me...

                    I am a funny, introverted, loyal, optimistic, empathetic, analytical knowledge seeker. Never happy with the standard answer, I love to ask questions and go down rabbit holes. I’m not afraid to take an unpopular stance on something I believe is important.

                    Even though I never particularly liked children, I am a former stay-at-home mom of 5 and (so far) a grandma of 2! Now that the kids are grown, I have been able to engage with my newfound passion for fitness by opening my own coaching business.

                    My own personal journey started with doing the same wrong thing, over and over - yo-yo dieting - crazy workouts - focusing on everyone else but me - until my 40s!

                    When I first was certified as a NASM personal trainer in 2016, that's when my REAL journey of self-awareness and growth began. Since then I have been certified as a yoga teacher, nutrition coach, mindset specialist, pregnancy/postpartum corrective exercise specialist, and much more.

                    As I was learning, doing, making mistakes and figuring it out, I always had my clients, current and future, in mind.

                    I knew this approach was what I was meant to follow, not only because it works, but because it stresses the foundations first, is individualized, starts small from right where you are - and builds from there.

                      While I have always been interested in movement, I was never particularly athletic. I was a painfully shy child, and that reticence put me on the sidelines throughout my early years. 

                      This reluctance led to even more awkwardness as I never really learned how to play team sports. Although I did enjoy things like ice-skating, tennis, and golf, that alone didn't translate into skills, stamina or a base to build on.

                      Then came college and the aerobics craze of the 1980s.

                      I caught the fitness bug and I caught it HARD.

                      Movement made me feel AMAZING!

                      I jumped into every craze with both feet. 

                      I ate ALL THE CARBS because we need fuel, amirite?

                      But I did it all completely wrong. 

                      I was clueless, impatient and relied too much on what I thought was a good base from doing all that effort. 

                      • I thought cardio alone would burn all the calories I was ingesting. 
                      • I thought cardio alone would make me stronger. 
                      • I thought cardio alone would enable me to train for a marathon.

                      One time on a family trip when the kids were younger, I struggled to carry some of our bags through the airport. A not-so-helpful family member asked; "how can you be so weak when you go to the gym everyday?"

                      Ouch. Why indeed?

                      Fast forward a few decades…..I decided I needed to run a marathon (you almost know where this is headed, don't you?). Several ankle sprains (and one stress fracture), a hip injury, an osteopenia diagnosis and lots of extra body fat later, I did manage to finally run a 5K.

                      But it left me feeling like a complete failure. 

                      After a lot of self-reflection, learning about anatomy, going back to square one, and enlisting the help of qualified people, I understood my limitations, made tons of gains - - but most importantly, I learned my potential is literally unlimited!

                      What it is like for me now

                      • I follow training plans and do NOT try to rush things (mostly 😬). 
                      • I commit to a schedule and give it my best shot. 
                      • I forgive myself if I stray from the plan and resolve to do better tomorrow.
                      • I am now so much better prepared, mentally and physically, for whatever comes.

                      Why am I doing this? 

                      I am doing this because I want the same for you. 

                      Like you, I have experienced ups and downs with managing my weight, repeated injuries, aches and pains, and my overall health.

                      • I have tried and failed to reach my fitness goals many times. 
                      • I have had to modify exercises and re-assess my goals many times.
                      • So when I say I know exactly what you’re going through and where you want to be - I really do!
                      • This is super important to me because you may not realize YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD!

                      You are not too anything!

                      I want you to treat yourself with as much love and care as you treat others, stand straighter, more confident and proud in your clothes (or NEW clothes!), feel and look younger, truly appreciate everything life has to offer without GUILT, and intuitively KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO to sustain your results.

                      I want you to see yourself as unstoppable at WHATEVER you choose to do, because you are!


                      If you’re ready for a more in depth exploration of how to eliminate your limits and feel motivated and accepted in a community of women JUST LIKE YOU, I invite you join me in my free private Facebook group: Back To Basic Fitness. Click here to join. 

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