"I am deeply grateful to Kara Palley for her months of highly skilled work with me as a personal trainer. Following Kara's carefully thought-through, constantly modified, physical regimen, I was able to recover balance and walk with confidence. I regained not only muscle strength but whole-body vigor. I feel very fortunate that she has been my guide to full recovery and good habits for maintaining fitness."


"Following my right knee replacement surgery and the end of my PT benefits, I still needed more agility. I not only had that to deal with, but Kara was given an extra challenge dealing with the rest of my issues: a torn right rotator cuff 3 years prior that still would cause issues if overworked, bursitis in the same shoulder, sciatica and sacroiliac in my left leg and Fibromyalgia. There was not ONE side of me that didn't have something wrong! She researched and developed a plan to address the strength and agility I needed for my right knee while tailoring the regimen to my other issues. She also provided invaluable exercises to alleviate the pain from the sacroiliac. She would text me videos, check in with me during the week to see how I was doing. She is truly a caring and thoughtful human being and one hell of a trainer!!"

"Never say Never!"
"Where there's a will, there's a way”


"Working with Kara has helped me feel more fit and stronger overall.  She has gotten to know me, discussed areas of concern and worked to develop a plan that meets my needs.  I had a shoulder injury many years ago which limited my left shoulder range of motion.  After a number of training sessions which included shoulder stretches and strengthening, I have noticed a marked improvement.

I see small gains from session to session and have seen significant improvement in my overall stamina and strength from when I initially began training.  Kara makes the sessions fun and I appreciate the time she puts in to plan each workout so I achieve maximum results."


“We were looking for someone to do some exercise with my grandmother. Kara was so knowledgeable about working with the geriatric population. She made my grandmother feel  so comfortable and really motivated her to exercise daily. She was great!”


“Look how straight my leg is!” Lilian started training with me after knee surgery (torn meniscus). She was very motivated to build strength to stay mobile and independent. Perhaps a little too motivated (I can relate). After about two months the mild arthritis in that knee got much worse - to the point where she could not straighten or move it in pretty much any direction without pain.

Obviously this required a major change in her training plan. We didn’t stop trying to build strength in the supporting structures of the knee, but we did it differently, adding in a lot of mobility work. We are both so pleased with her progress and are looking forward to more ease of movement!


"I have more energy and find myself standing straighter after working working out with Kara. She encourages me to flex muscle groups I was reluctant to try on my own. A.G."

I received a text one day from A. G. to let me know she had an unreal extra workout that day while doing shopping in Costco. She purchased a full case of water (40 bottles!) and managed to lift it up twice. I do what I do for these daily wins."


“Kara is SO knowledgeable and really easy to work with. She will tailor the exercises to your needs and focus on your weaknesses... I have a hard time getting motivated to do any exercises but Kara makes it more interesting and is getting me back in shape.”