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This blog is for women over 40 who feel Maxed-Out at Midlife. 

Women who want to look and feel younger, leaner and healthier WITHOUT complicated rules, restrictions or crazy workouts.

Women who want to take charge of their health so they can look forward to a future of independence, confidence and satisfaction in their bodies and lives. 

My goal is for you to treat YOURSELF with as much love and care as you treat others, stand straighter, more confident and proud in your clothes, feel stronger and more mobile, truly appreciate everything life has to offer without guilt, AND gain the skills to know exactly what to do to keep your results.

Kara Gordon Palley | Feb 12, 2024

Does a drop in scale weight mean loss of fat-or maybe water, muscle or bone? Learn why the scale matters least for weight loss success for ...

Kara Gordon Palley | Nov 20, 2023

Holiday season-dietary pitfalls stand ready to derail your good health and send you down a slide of crappy eating. Read on for tips to stay ...

Kara Gordon Palley | Nov 13, 2023

The diet industry make billions of dollars each year telling you that something exists outside of you that can make you lose weight. That's ...

Kara Gordon Palley | Oct 23, 2023

Studies have shown that distracted eaters weigh almost 20% more than mindful ones. Transform your relationship with food for sustainable ...

Kara Gordon Palley | Oct 09, 2023

While saying 'I'm too busy' is a convenient excuse, you deserve better! My tips are perfect for prioritizing your health despite your busy ...

Kara Gordon Palley | Sep 11, 2023

We’re all human. You know at some point you will crave something from the not-so-healthy list (mine is chocolate), so plan for it!

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