How to "Life-Proof" Your Goals

Posted On Dec 25, 2023 |

To achieve a successful fitness transformation, consistency is key. But life makes change hard to sustain. Resiliency is what gets you back on track.

How to "Life-Proof" Your Goals

It is one thing to get going, but you also need to KEEP going! 

If you're a woman feeling maxed-out at midlife, you already know the struggle! 

I'm here today to help you boost your “bouncebackability” - or your resilience.

When you’re trying to lose weight, eat better, feel stronger and more mobile, and become more independent, confident and satisfied with your body and life, sometimes it feels like you take one step forward, and two steps back.

- The scale creeps back up…

- You miss a string of workouts…

- Your cheat meal turns into a cheat season…

You know the drill.

And although you might THINK the answer is to work extra hard to be perfect so you can avoid all of that in the first place, that’s the harder (and mostly unsuccessful) path.

Instead, I want to invite you to ACCEPT the challenges and get better at bouncing back.

Why would a fitness coach talk about resilience?

Because beyond movement, nourishment and mindset, resilience is the key ingredient when it comes to achieving the fitness transformation you've always dreamed of.

The reality is, change is hard and you will get off track. 

When that happens, resilience helps you:

  • Overcome obstacles

  • Stay positive when things are difficult

  • Come back stronger after being knocked down

  • Protect your mental health

AND… of course, achieve those goals!

How to bounce back when you’re feeling less than your best

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that our health & wellness goals are only achievable in the best of circumstances…

But let's be real.

Life is filled with ups and downs, curveballs, and unexpected challenges no matter how hard we plan.

That's why building resilience and adaptability is crucial for not just surviving, but THRIVING on your way to your goals.

What does building resilience look like?

✅ Develop powerful coping strategies for handling stress & setbacks

✅ Uncover your hidden reserves of strength and determination

✅ Build a supportive network to help you navigate challenges

✅ Create healthy habits that promote emotional and physical well-being

✅ Establish a personalized roadmap for maintaining resilience in the long run

After a while, all of these “resilience habits” will become second nature, and you’ll start bouncing back faster and easier.

Resilience is a skill that can be developed

The best part about all of this? You don’t need to be born with resilience to have it.

You can work to make it stronger — and my free 7-Day Resilience Checklist will help you do that!

Because life is long, and those challenges will keep coming up no matter how hard you try to avoid them!

So if you’re in this for the long haul, this checklist is perfect for you…

It will help you build the resilience you need to keep pushing forward toward your goal, even when things get tough.

By committing to the simple practices I've outlined, you'll be better equipped to handle the ups and downs of achieving the fitness transformation you've been dreaming about, for good!

Remember, the path to success is rarely a straight line — but I know you’ve got this!

Click here to download the checklist now. 

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